Portfolio Management, Reimagined

Vise AI empowers Financial Advisors to make educated investment decisions on a scale not previously possible.

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What is Vise AI ?

Vise AI is a research platform that will make portfolio recommendations to a licensed financial professional. By leveraging the advances of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are revolutionizing the ability of the Independent Advisor to compete through automating Portfolio Management.

The Financial Services Industry is Constantly Evolving

Generational shifts, Pricing competition, Shrinking margins, Regulatory uncertainty. All of these factors and more are driving the way financial advisors do business. So we built a whole new engine.

Replacing Time with Technology

The current standard of generic allocations using mutual funds and ETFs isn’t enough. By leveraging MPT, complex financial modeling, and our proprietary cutting-edge algorithms, we’ve built an artificial intelligence platform that can do the same work as a team of financial analysts. We use the same fundamentals, analyze the same information, but in Real Time.

AI-Driven with Simplicity in mind

Quantitative Financial Models meet advanced Genetic Algorithms to determine leverage and allocation of each security. Portfolios of individual stocks are built, balanced, and monitored on a scale unique to each client portfolio. No more expense ratios, no more indecision about Active vs Passive. Now you can look after your business and your clients, while we take care of the portfolio.

Automate your portfolio strategies today

Vise provides the strategies, tools, and insights you need to be the next generation of Advisor

The Ultimate Research Upgrade

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

  • Our AI monitors hundreds of data points on thousands of stocks, mimicking a team of financial analysts
  • Advanced Machine Learning algorithms are used to determine expected returns & risk

Customized Risk Profiles & Allocations

  • Restrict Asset Classes, Sectors, and even Individual Securities to avoid client conflict of interests
  • Develop Unique Strategies for specific client goals using targeted account values or traditional risk guidelines

Institutional-Grade Research for Individual Securities

  • Vise AI uses Mean Variance Optimization and a proprietary clustering system to maintain diversity, enabling complete allocations for each portfolio
  • Individual Stock Portfolios built and maintained by leveraging cutting-edge AI and Quantitative Finance

Ongoing AI Management

  • Backtesting data, justifications, and model predictions of each portfolio are provided to the advisor
  • Vise AI monitors changes in metrics in real time, providing recommendations for any changes based on market conditions or changes to the Client Portfolio

Maintain Control of Your Business

Fast Recommendations

Vise AI delivers the Portfolio Recommendation, Eliminating Hours of Work for the Firm

Strict Compliance

The Advisor presents a Portfolio to the Client with the Highest Standard of Fiduciary

Simple Portfolio Exports

Upload and Incorporate Portfolios directly to your preferred Planning Software of Broker Platform

Cost Effective

Enhance your Firm's Image while Reducing or Eliminating Underlying or Hidden Fees for your Clients

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