Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. Since Vise is a subscription-based research platform, you can use it for as many or as few client portfolios as you choose.

No. Unlike your broker platform, we are not a broker/dealer or a 3rd party manager. We do not hold assets or perform trades on your or your client’s behalf.

Vise is an Artificial Intelligence-driven platform that will provide a licensed financial professional the research and due-diligence basis in order to build a balanced portfolio for a client that is invested in individual securities traded on the US stock exchanges. And each portfolio is built and guided by the client’s independent risk profile for that account, so that no two portfolios are identical.

To comply with existing US regulations, you must be a licensed financial professional in order to subscribe to Vise. We do not provide the service to the general public.

It does not. While Vise will use complex statistical modeling in its calculations, each portfolio is built from the ground up using our proprietary clustering system in order to achieve an allocation consistent with the client’s risk profile. Every portfolio is created uniquely for that client.

Our portfolios consist of stocks and ETFs. We firmly believe that building a portfolio out of stocks provides the transparency and understanding needed to clients, while allowing our AI to tailor a portfolio to the client’s needs.

Our goal is to make investing efficient, which includes reducing or eliminating fees or expenses where possible. By leveraging the AI, we are able to “lift the hood” on the traditional mutual fund, allowing financial advisors to invest their clients in individual securities, without the underlying fees of a fund. Using stocks also allows our AI to better customize a portfolio to the client’s needs.

No, it doesn’t. Because asset allocation is still so important to a portfolio, the AI will also use low-cost ETFs where needed in the event the account balance doesn’t allow for a full stock allocation, or for specific sectors that the AI doesn’t currently cover.

Like any responsible financial advisor, suitability is a key factor into whether or not an investment is appropriate for an individual. Vise holds itself to the same stringent regulatory standards that an advisor would. We’ve gone through a hundred or so data points and have only chosen the ones that are absolutely necessary to build a great portfolio.

Because Vise is a research platform and not a Broker/Dealer, we do not need to collect personal information about your client other than their name and birthday. We only ask for information pertinent to building and maintaining a portfolio based on suitability and the risk profile. This information is stored securely.

No, it does not. Vise is not a trading platform. Because of the AIs ability to access, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data in a short amount of time, it is designed to provide research and investment management support to a licensed financial advisor. Vise acts as a layer on top of your brokerage platform and suggests potential changes to your portfolios.

Currently, Vise provides coverage for most large and mid-cap stocks traded in the S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Russell 1000 indexes.

Vise supports both taxable and tax-deferred portfolios.

It does not. Currently, Vise provides coverage for most large and mid-cap stocks traded in the S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and Russell 1000 indexes. Vise also supports most traditional asset classes. We’re planning on adding support for alternative assets at a later date.

As the saying goes, past performance is never a guarantee of future results. However, by combining complex financial models with proprietary Deep Learning algorithms, Vise is able to leverage an advanced projection analysis to provide the best statistical opportunities for a client portfolio. And keeps it updated in real-time. Think of it as Monte Carlo on steroids. Lots of steroids.

Currently, Vise will monitor each and every portfolio to determine that it’s maintaining the stated risk profile, and that it’s within an acceptable probability to achieve the targeted goal value. When the portfolio moves out of that probability window, the AI will determine if it makes sense to perform a rebalance, and notify the Advisor of suggested changes so the Advisor can make an educated decision on whether to perform the trades or not.

It depends on market movements, although Vise should not be considered for “day-trading”. Under most conditions, we would not expect trades more than a couple of times a year. However, the final decision whether or not to perform trades lies with the Advisor.

Because Vise is tracking each security and portfolio on an individualized basis, the AI will recommend the best time for a rebalance based on the statistical probability of reaching the stated goal for the portfolio. Rebalancing will not be based on the calendar, Mayan or otherwise.

Currently, exporting the portfolio to a .csv file will enable you to upload it directly to your software platform of choice. We are also working to provide direct connections to the many platform formats available, but it takes time. If you have more questions on when your platform may be implemented or would like to help us with the formatting, please contact our support team directly.

While there are many different ETFs available to use, we decided to use ones that are both widely available and low cost so liquidity shouldn’t be an issue. However, you may substitute any ETF if you would prefer on your broker platform. Vise and AI Labs does not receive any incentive or compensation for using a particular ETF.

We use a proprietary asset allocation algorithm inspired by mean-variance optimization along with a framework of neural networks to determine an allocation of assets that will have the highest statistical likelihood of meeting the goals you set with your client. Each asset allocation is built from scratch based on the client’s risk profile and goals. It’s like if mean-variance optimization and AI had a baby. A really, really smart baby.

Vise’s AI analyzes both fundamental and alternative data for thousands of stocks and determines groups of stocks from multiple sectors that have related past behavior and fluctuate similarly over time. It then selects specific stocks from each group based on the client’s criteria to determine a portfolio that meets both accepted diversification standards and the client’s goals.

Not at this time, but it’s something we’re working on implementing at a later date.

Vise is best leveraged when it is managing an entire portfolio, with some limited exceptions such as individual bond portfolios or portfolios with extensive alternative investment holdings.

No. The only thing guaranteed in life is death and taxes, although we are working on the former from another angle.

It does not. Vise will send you an alert when a change is recommended to a portfolio, and will provide you with the “before and after” snapshots of the portfolio, showing why the change is suggested. It is up to you as the Advisor to implement the changes to your client’s portfolio.

Vise is subscription-based, and you are charged based on the service tier you are subscribed to. As Vise is a research platform and does not hold assets, the account or portfolio size has no bearing on your subscription.

As most financial advisors, wealth management firms, and RIAs fees are paid on a quarterly basis, we do the same so as to make it easier for you. However, you can also elect to pay annually as well.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at any time, and we will prorate any refund for your subscription to the next full month.

Since Vise is not a 3rd party manager and does not hold assets, we have no control over whether you continue to hold any positions after cancelling a subscription. However, as Vise will no longer be monitoring the portfolio for you, you should do what is in the best interest of your client.

We are always interested in feedback and ways we can improve, so please don’t be shy in submitting feedback or suggestions to our team at However, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it may take us some time to implement improvements depending on the request.